Bee Inspired Functionality

  • I was inspired by bees and their home the 'hive.' So I have decided to use everyday found/recyclable objects to create functionality.
    "Bees' Knees"
    Materials: Cardboard, Yellow Light bulb, Wires, and Hot Glue
    Fuction: Lamp
  • Queen's Comb
    Material: A Twig, Cardboard, Acrylic paint, Ink, Images, Sharpie, Exacto Knife and Gesso Glaze
    Fuction: A Bib Necklace/Jewelry
    The Queen Bee is in charge. She decides who does what and when within the bee community. This necklace represents the notion that she is the key, and a hive without their Queen is in shambles. The Cardboard is used to present the honey combs, and within each comb are worker bees working tirelessly to keep the hive alive.