CFDA Strategic Project 1 Tradeshows

  • Here is a project that I have done during the internship in the CFDA Business Affair and Membership departement. The goal of this project is to look at the protential oppotunities of tradeshow for CFDA as a mutiple role player. The project includes service design analysis method, design thinking process as well as business marketing stratigic analysis results. 
  • Above is a mapping of the involved parties of CFDA’s tradeshow activities. Looking at the network structure and the main players of tradeshow in general, there are several opportunities and potential partners showed on the map too. Closely examine this map and exploring more - will help on understanding the basic needs and value standards of all the stockholders which is the key of understanding the tradeshow activities as a whole.
  • Here are a info-graphic shows the result of tradeshow attending process analysis from Service Design Perspective. Examine each step of Before, During and After, strategists will find the answers of the questions listed below. The key points to look at and the answers will lead a whole picture of tradeshow activities as well as identified process key-joints through the process.
  • From the initial idea, I also came up with a took kit for helping emerging designers to plan for their first tradeshow. Here is a PPT that I created to help them understand the backgroungd info as well as some Tips of going to tradeshows.