Experience Design.

  • Exhibitions Many of my posters were featured in various international exhibitions representing Savannah College of Art and Design
    (SCAD) as I pursued my MFA. This section includes three posters of varying theme. Exhibitions placed in Korea, Taiwan and Turkey.

  • The Age of Design This exhibition placed in The Design College Expo sponsored by The Korea Institute of Design Promotion. 
    It was also exhibited at Sabanci University in Istanbul, Turkey. The poster emphasizes the age of design in terms of reviving 
    ideas, trends, materials, etc.
  • The X Factor of Graphic Design This design was selected for The Young Designers Expo sponsored by Taiwan Design Center.
    For this exhibition, I developed a poster based on the story of Isaac Newton and the apple tree. After the apple fell on his head, 
    he suddenly began to think of the Universal Law of Gravitation. In other words, think when you are not thinking!.

  • Smart Design This poster was chosen for The Design College Expo sponsored by The Korea Institute of Design Promotion. The design 
    challenges prescribed values, rules and clichés presented to us over the course of a lifetime. This poster is characterized by its humor.
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