Anthropomorphic Insects Shadowbox

  • I went to an insects shadowbox workshop in Morbid Anatomy in Brooklyn, NY with Daisy Tainton as our instructor. We used Rhino-beetles. I picked out some of my favorite found objects and fabrics and decorated the box, plus my beetle - Hector, a rock star :)
  • first , when the beetle was still soft, position him in the way you intend it to be, and pin it down and let it dry for 40-50 minutes. I spread his wings as well.
  • After the beetle was dry, I hot-glued the Guitar on him.
  • I also painted him with gold and silver nail-polish :D
  • Finally ! I decorated the interior of the box using some of my favorite items from the found-objects box, while waiting for the beetle to dry, and I saved a pretty sweet spot for my rock and roll beetle - Hector :)