Grand Prix - A Menswear Collection for Macy's

  •           For more than a century, Macy's has maintained the title of one of the largest and most influential corporations in retail history. As a company, we pride ourselves on our long-lasting legacy of quality and innovation. Every season, as the design teams begin the creative process for new collections, we make trips across the world for sources of inspiration. This particular collection, however, our muse stayed a little closer to home. For this fall-winter season, our male customers will be dresses to reflect the iconic, and classic American pastime of- car racing.
         The racecar and its racetrack have been a staple of American culture and leisure for nearly one-hundred years. This collection represents the timeless beauty of classic cars, while simultaneously balancing their vintage appeal with the sleek lines of today's modern autos. 
        Presenting a collection with a profound identity is always of high importance to the Macy's team. This collection not only reflects the inspiration physically, but it also exudes the promise of endless oppurtunities that is often associated with an open-road and some horsepower. This is an ideal that Macy's is proud to present to our customers, and a mindset we want out "Grand Prix," men to embrace when wearing this collection.
                                                                             Gentlemen, start your engines,
                                                                                 The Macy's Design Team