• photography by Sean Davidson
  • Pixel Light
    digital artifact in the physical world

    Gantri reached out to me to discuss a possible collaboration. After almost two years of development, we launched Pixel. I designed the light to feature a diffusive grid where each square emits a different level of illumination - giving the appearance of a “pixelated” light. Gantri specializes in direct-to-consumer designer lights made utilizing 3D printing. This is not only unconventional, but a definite advantage to be free from normal manufacturing constraints. I wanted to explore this process to highlight the capabilities of 3D printing. While shining light through a 3D print, I noticed a unique illuminated effect from the print’s grid-like internal structure. I then expanded upon this effect, drawing further inspiration from the retro-digital world and its 8bit iconography.

    This unique 8bit look was made possible by adjusting the opening on the back of each square - thereby allowing a specific amount of light to shine through. During the design process, I went through countless rounds of testing to find the perfect shape and size for the grid to achieve the desired lighting effect. I actively made the decision to contrast the exterior form of the light with the pixelated effect. I explored the idea of a rectilinear form that would accent the pixels but found that a soft round form allows the object to tie in better with the home. During the day, the simple round form sits quietly with its circular face hiding the grid. As night falls and the light is illuminated, the form disappears as the grid lights up to become a moment of delight and surprise. Pixel is perfect for those with an affinity for contemporary or nostalgic style, adding a modern yet playful touch to illuminate your space.

    Available for purchase on Gantri.com
  • Available for purchase on Gantri.com
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